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Fundraising Update

In mid-November 2018, we kicked off our annual fundraising drive after weeks of coordinating with a team of 22 volunteers. Now, 750 emails and 540 donations later, we’re excited to report that 2018 was a blockbuster year for the Association’s fundraising efforts. A record 100 alumni and 9 third-party donors generously contributed a combined $24,911 to the Association, in addition to $1,151 given in May by alumni to honor Mrs. McDermott. Total donations to the Association grew by $6,328 in 2018, representing a 35% increase year-over-year. Total participation remained steady at 40%, despite our growing base. Our annual fundraising drive netted 75% of our total donations this year, a testament to the efforts taken by our dedicated volunteers to spread the word.

The last official day of our drive saw a dead heat between the 01s, 02s, and 05s, at totals of $2,602, $2,781, and $3,070 respectively. Through online donations made during the last day of 2018 and checks that were processed early in the New Year, the 05s managed to pull ahead. Their final push had them finish at a grand total of $6,365, with the 01s and 04s following at $3,977 and $3,730 respectively. The 05s also led in participation, wth 75% of the class contributing to fundraising efforts.

Here’s a look at our fundraising efforts by the numbers:

We are deeply thankful to our donors for the generosity they continue to show to the Association and McDermott Program. Your support will help us continue to find creative ways to give back to the Dallas community in the coming years.


Sidd Sant (‘12), VP of Development


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